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Day 1
06 Mar 2017
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07 Mar 2017
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08 Mar 2017

Summit Kickoff

  Summit Kickoff

Keynote Welcome

Join us for the keynote welcome from Mayor of Columbia, Stephen K. Benjamin.
Stephen Benjamin

SC’s Culture of Health: Our Sector’s Responsibility

Everyone deserves to live the healthiest life possible. However, our health and well-being can be greatly influenced by complex social factors such as where we live, and the strength of...
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Terri Theisen
Monica Hobbs Vinluan

Understanding the Social Determinants of Health (and why they should matter to every nonprofit)

What does it mean to consider health in all policies and how can this approach advance your relationships with funders and collaborations with other non-profit organizations? Join us to create...
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Maya Pack

Social Media Strategy – Proof is in the Pudding

Learn how to develop and implement a social media strategy that will increase your brand engagement across all platforms! This session includes easily-implemented, take-home tactics!
Phillip Higgins

Beyond Race: Interactive Tools to Teach Social Justice in 2017

In this very powerful workshop, practitioners will be exposed to the various layers of identity that we claim in our diverse worlds, and how nonprofit organizations can understand and support...
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Eric Rowles
Fred Baker

Midlands Healthcare Collaborative

Midlands Healthcare Collaborative built and sustained a free comprehensive healthcare center for uninsured and underinsured adults in the Midlands by overcoming an inefficient and fragmented approach to providing services.
Cheryl Johnson Benjamin

Creating an Annual Fundraising Plan that Works!

Gain step-by-step instructions for building a diversified annual fund plan that actually raises money. Take the guess work out of fundraising by providing the action steps needed and the metrics...
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Lorain Crowl

Creating New Opportunities for Data Collection

Dig deeper into data and evaluation through the story of the Reach Out and Read Carolina’s journey to increase local data measures. This workshop will process the different kinds of...
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Callee Boulware

Effective Board Decision Making

Learn how you can grasp board decision making techniques, from simple to complex! Beginning with a philosophical base and quickly moving to practical tactical tools, this session will help you...
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Mark Cruise
Reid Lehman

Grantmaking 2.0 – What’s Next?

Join Charles Weathers as he engages senior philanthropic leaders working across the state in a thought-provoking conversation about what’s working and what’s next in the field of effective grantmaking. This...
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Molly Metz
Charles Weathers
Lilyn Hester
Kerri Forrest
Tom Keith

Seven Money Steps for Major Gifts

Discover seven clear and concise steps to help you focus on major donors, eliminate internal distractions and close major gifts. Learn tactics to remove yourself from the vortex of internal...
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Louis Fawcett

An Attorney’s Perspective on the Relationship of a Board and its Executive Director

The focal point of governance in a nonprofit organization is that juncture where the Board of the Directors and the Executive Director meet, interact, converse, strategize, and lead together. Led...
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Clay Grayson

Collaborating: Welcoming All to the Table!

Learn how a small non-profit agency was able to collaborate with others to open a satellite clinic to offer free health care in Jasper County. Discover how this successful partnership...
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Pam Toney
Lisa Hayes

Diversity / Inclusion / Equity are Important – Here’s Why!

Three community foundation leaders will share their thoughts about why a comprehensive diversity policy is critical to nonprofits, how to go about developing one, what should be included, and implementation...
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JoAnn Turnquist
Darrin Goss
Denise Spencer

Easy Planned Giving Strategies

Learn easy planned giving strategies to incorporate into your existing fundraising plan. Whether you are new to planned giving or a veteran, you’ll leave this session with one good idea...
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Heather Sherwin

Healthy Insights: Public Data and the Social Determinants of Health

This session will feature an interactive discussion of the Healthy Insights Initiative—a joint partnership between SCACED, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the MITRE Corporation that uses population data, local...
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Lowell Atkinson
Sarah Pinson

Increase Engagement with Storytelling Videos

In this age of short attention spans, words on a page are no longer enough to engage current and potential donors. Thomas Heath, a T.V. graduate from NYU, Business Coach...
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Thomas Heath

Increase Revenues Through Savings & Collaboration

How much does your nonprofit spend every year on third party goods and services? If you don’t know the answer to this question, then your nonprofit might have an opportunity...
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Jill Bossi

Awards, Anniversary Keynote & Annual Meeting – “Looking Back, Looking Forward”

As we mark 20 years since SCANPO’s inception, we want to pause and look back at what we’ve accomplished together and as individual organizations. SC’s nonprofit community has certainly grown...
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Dr. Katrina Spigner

Using Partnerships to Build a Healthier SC

Learn how your community can use the power of coalitions to leverage diverse partnerships in order to create collective impact and sustainable change. Using an example from Kershaw County, discover...
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Hannah Walters
Pam Spivey

Becoming Better Change Agents: Planning for Success

This interactive session will teach you how to apply adaptive, forward-looking strategy and evaluation tools to achieve greater social impact. Take a step back from your day to day work...
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Alyssondra Campaigne
Bryan Boroughs

Major Gift Fundraising for Small Shops

Dive into the groundbreaking research on major gift fundraising conducted by Adrian Sargeant PhD Professor of Fundraising and Director at the Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy Plymouth Business School and leading...
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Jay Love

Finding Your Organization “Why”

How have some nonprofits been able to achieve such extraordinary success, while others with the same resources have failed? Using the the Simon Sinek philosophy, learn how you can change...
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Maureen Carlson

Happily Ever After the Strategic Plan: We’re Married to It. Now What?

At some point, too many of us have found ourselves at the end of exhaustive planning process wondering, “Now what?” We’ve all experienced the moment when the writing bliss wears...
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Merridith Crowe

Are You Ready to Journey to Excellence?

Hear about the new 4th Edition of the Guiding Principles & Best Practices! Learn from the experts as they reflect on their journeys toward winning the Award for Nonprofit Excellence....
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Derek Lewis
Sharon Thomas

Communication Matters: Driving Your Social Change

Create social change by discovering your organization’s brand, culture, action, and strategy for effective communications. Learn how to create your own strategic communications plan!
Langley Shealy

Your Voice Matters

Nonprofit organizations can and should advocate for their missions. Participants will learn the ins and outs of why advocacy is important and how to establish relationships. This would be appropriate...
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Sally Ehrenfried

The “I” Factor – Evaluating for Impact

It’s more than a buzz word. To be competitive in today’s funding environment, your organization has to be able to talk fluently about your IMPACT. In this workshop, participants will...
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Forrest Alton
Kelli Kenison
Erika Kirby

Facing Poverty in SC: A Simulation That Will Leave You Breathless and Empowered

Will you start out the month with only a $10 bill to meet your family’s basic needs? … Or, will you be one of the unlucky ones? You’ll find out...
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Melissa Watson
Kristine Henry

Healthier Fundraising: Working Together as Nonprofit Leadership Team

Fundraising can be one of the most frustrating aspects of nonprofit leadership. Often, the organization’s fundraising goals are practically “handed off” to be solely accomplished by a development director. This...
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Marc Pitman

Advancing Your Mission Through Public Policy

Brush up on your knowledge of what the law allows you to do in the public policy arena in this interactive session designed to increase your knowledge and skills. Learn...
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Claudia Herrold
John Mullaney

Power of Belonging

Get answers to all of your questions about the benefits of belonging to SCANPO, and learn about the exciting new services that SCANPO offers: Board Engagement Services, local training series,...
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Brandi Elkins
Benjamin Bullock

Corporate CEOs: How to Engage Them as Community Leaders?

Sonoco has been a corporate leader in Hartsville and across South Carolina for decades. Listen in as Chris William of SC EVT and NC ETV chats with Harris DeLoach about...
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Harris DeLoach
Chris William

Aligning Your Mission with Global Goals

In 2015, more than 190 world leaders committed to 17 “Sustainable Development Goals” to help us all end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and fix climate change. Learn how...
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Earl Bridges

Rethinking Charity Programs to Become Profitable

Rethink your charity’s business model! What if your programs were revenue generators for your organization? This workshop will help you explore potential ways that the growth and success of your...
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Jonathan Shanin

Leading with the Lens of Inclusion

Are you a nonprofit leader who is ready to build a more inclusive, welcoming organization for those you serve and work with? This presentation will focus on the role nonprofit...
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Nika White

Leadership Outside of the Box: Finding Sustainability in Creativity

Many leaders in the nonprofit sector face a similar reality: the deeply rooted patterns of their organization and industry. How can leaders respect established boundaries, while pushing forward with a...
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Jim Powell
Meredith Walker

Investment Policy and Decision-Making for Nonprofits

Walk through the formation of investment policy according to resources, goals, and culture of your organization. This session is perfect for Board members and staff who want to learn how...
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Mario Nardone

Corporate Partnerships Launchpad

Learn the fundamentals of how to build strong and successful corporate partners for your organization. Examine industry data, corporate trends, best practices and methodologies that ready your team for cause...
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Maureen Carlson

Complementing your Strategic Communications Plan with a Mobile Friendly Website

68% of U.S. adults have a smartphone & 51% of those use their phone for internet browsing rather than a laptop or desktop. The session will discuss how nonprofits can...
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Amanda Loveday
Jean-Cecil Frick

The Will to Govern Well: Knowledge, Trust and Nimbleness

In this fast-paced age, keeping your organization relevant and sustainable is a constant challenge for nonprofit leaders. Changes in your governance structures may be necessary to stay ahead. Drawing from...
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Alan Davis
Erin Pate

From Linear to Matrix: A Process for Optimal Organization

Master the matrix model! Learn to embrace the attributes and strengths a matrix-model organization structure can provide for nonprofits of all sizes. The matrix model allows for the most efficient...
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Stig Rasmussen

Corporate Citizens Making A Difference in SC

Join Rhett Mabry and June Bradham as they engage senior corporate leaders working across the state in a lively, thought-provoking conversation about the why, when and how’s of corporate leadership....
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Rhett Mabry
June Bradham
Elizabeth Nkuo Johnson
Rachel Hutchisson
Jimmy E. Addison

Are you ready for the first significant change in nonprofit financial reporting in 20 years? – Implementing New FASB ASU 2016-14

This is your opportunity to get an overview of the new Financial Accounting Standards Board reporting requirements for nonprofit organizations. Discuss the specific changes to various financial reporting requirements required...
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Erik Glaser

Avoid Strategic FAIL: Craft a Powerful Plan That Doesn’t Stay on the Shelf

Learn why strategic planning doesn’t work, and how to fix it! Understand the primary reasons most strategic plans fail, and the steps to effective strategic management. Build a powerful plan...
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Patrick Jinks

P.L.A.C.E.: Preparing Future Philanthropists

How do you attract the next generation of philanthropists? By exploring a unique partnership model with higher education, you will learn specifics on how academic leadership study coupled with nonprofit...
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Michelle Troupe
Tamara Burk
Emily Block
Erica Cooper
Ashley Robinson
Mary Stuart Tinkler
Kristin Wilson

Bored at Board Retreats? Try these 3 things!

Learn and practice three facilitation techniques from the experts, to get more energy and full participation in your next Board retreat. These techniques also help to focus discussion, keep agendas...
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Chrissa Waite
Melissa Ladd

Maximizing Partnerships for Sustainability

Explore different scenarios for partnership development by viewing examples of this nonprofit’s work with a large medical institution, a community collaborative, and a local non-profit. At the end of the...
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Radia Heyward
Katie McCabe
Vicky Ingalls

Building Capacity for Community Integrated Health

How can you create a culture to improve the health, well-being and equity of people in your community? Learn how YMCAs across the state are focusing on strengthening clinic-to-community relationships...
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Amanda Metzger
Mj Pierce

Business Networking for Introverts

Don’t panic! It’s just networking! Gather the tools you need for pre-networking planning, networking activities and post-networking follow-up that will allow you to effectively and comfortably spread the word about...
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Brad Majors

Love, Protest and Peace – Nonprofit Responses to Issues of Race in America

Communities are facing extreme challenges in terms of race, gun violence, public safety, and community policing. Non Profits and Faith Based Organizations play a crucial role in creating community dialog...
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Kimberly Cross
Kit Cummings
Antonio Boyd

Finding Focus through Collaborative Drawing

Experience a strategic planning activity designed to engage any number of participants, give everyone a voice, and activate different areas of the brain while surfacing priorities, exploring creative solutions, and...
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Susan Lyon
Thomas Lide

Not Another Disaster!

Is your community ready to respond when the next disaster strikes? Is your organization ready? Non-governmental organizations play a critical role in the implementation of an inclusive, locally-led recovery process...
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Carson Carroll
Richard LaPratt
Natasha Jenkins

Healthier Together: Tackling Generational Transitions

How will your organization bridge the generational crossroads? From Traditionalists to Baby Boomers, Generation X to Generation Y and now Millennials – all of these generations. Each group is said...
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Dr. Bertice Berry

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