SC's Nonprofit Summit is brought to you by Together SC | MARCH 6 - 8, 2017 | COLUMBIA

Leadership & Governance

Translating vision into reality and inspiring along the way
Day 1
06 Mar 2017

Effective Board Decision Making

Learn how you can grasp board decision making techniques, from simple to complex! Beginning with a philosophical base and quickly moving to practical tactical tools, this session will help you...
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Mark Cruise
Reid Lehman

Diversity / Inclusion / Equity are Important – Here’s Why!

Three community foundation leaders will share their thoughts about why a comprehensive diversity policy is critical to nonprofits, how to go about developing one, what should be included, and implementation...
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JoAnn Turnquist
Darrin Goss
Denise Spencer
Day 2
07 Mar 2017

Becoming Better Change Agents: Planning for Success

This interactive session will teach you how to apply adaptive, forward-looking strategy and evaluation tools to achieve greater social impact. Take a step back from your day to day work...
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Alyssondra Campaigne
Bryan Boroughs

Your Voice Matters

Nonprofit organizations can and should advocate for their missions. Participants will learn the ins and outs of why advocacy is important and how to establish relationships. This would be appropriate...
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Sally Ehrenfried
Day 3
08 Mar 2017

Leadership Outside of the Box: Finding Sustainability in Creativity

Many leaders in the nonprofit sector face a similar reality: the deeply rooted patterns of their organization and industry. How can leaders respect established boundaries, while pushing forward with a...
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Jim Powell
Meredith Walker

The Will to Govern Well: Knowledge, Trust and Nimbleness

In this fast-paced age, keeping your organization relevant and sustainable is a constant challenge for nonprofit leaders. Changes in your governance structures may be necessary to stay ahead. Drawing from...
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Alan Davis
Erin Pate

Corporate Citizens Making A Difference in SC

Join Rhett Mabry and June Bradham as they engage senior corporate leaders working across the state in a lively, thought-provoking conversation about the why, when and how’s of corporate leadership....
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Rhett Mabry
June Bradham
Elizabeth Nkuo Johnson
Rachel Hutchisson
Jimmy E. Addison

Avoid Strategic FAIL: Craft a Powerful Plan That Doesn’t Stay on the Shelf

Learn why strategic planning doesn’t work, and how to fix it! Understand the primary reasons most strategic plans fail, and the steps to effective strategic management. Build a powerful plan...
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Patrick Jinks

Bored at Board Retreats? Try these 3 things!

Learn and practice three facilitation techniques from the experts, to get more energy and full participation in your next Board retreat. These techniques also help to focus discussion, keep agendas...
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Chrissa Waite
Melissa Ladd

Finding Focus through Collaborative Drawing

Experience a strategic planning activity designed to engage any number of participants, give everyone a voice, and activate different areas of the brain while surfacing priorities, exploring creative solutions, and...
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Susan Lyon
Thomas Lide