SC's Nonprofit Summit is brought to you by Together SC | MARCH 6 - 8, 2017 | COLUMBIA

Operations & Finance

From IT to HR to your books and everything in between
Day 1
06 Mar 2017

Creating New Opportunities for Data Collection

Dig deeper into data and evaluation through the story of the Reach Out and Read Carolina’s journey to increase local data measures. This workshop will process the different kinds of...
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Callee Boulware

An Attorney’s Perspective on the Relationship of a Board and its Executive Director

The focal point of governance in a nonprofit organization is that juncture where the Board of the Directors and the Executive Director meet, interact, converse, strategize, and lead together. Led...
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Clay Grayson

Increase Revenues Through Savings & Collaboration

How much does your nonprofit spend every year on third party goods and services? If you don’t know the answer to this question, then your nonprofit might have an opportunity...
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Jill Bossi
Day 2
07 Mar 2017

Happily Ever After the Strategic Plan: We’re Married to It. Now What?

At some point, too many of us have found ourselves at the end of exhaustive planning process wondering, “Now what?” We’ve all experienced the moment when the writing bliss wears...
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Merridith Crowe

Are You Ready to Journey to Excellence?

Hear about the new 4th Edition of the Guiding Principles & Best Practices! Learn from the experts as they reflect on their journeys toward winning the Award for Nonprofit Excellence....
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Derek Lewis
Sharon Thomas

The “I” Factor – Evaluating for Impact

It’s more than a buzz word. To be competitive in today’s funding environment, your organization has to be able to talk fluently about your IMPACT. In this workshop, participants will...
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Forrest Alton
Kelli Kenison
Erika Kirby
Day 3
08 Mar 2017

Rethinking Charity Programs to Become Profitable

Rethink your charity’s business model! What if your programs were revenue generators for your organization? This workshop will help you explore potential ways that the growth and success of your...
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Jonathan Shanin

Investment Policy and Decision-Making for Nonprofits

Walk through the formation of investment policy according to resources, goals, and culture of your organization. This session is perfect for Board members and staff who want to learn how...
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Mario Nardone

From Linear to Matrix: A Process for Optimal Organization

Master the matrix model! Learn to embrace the attributes and strengths a matrix-model organization structure can provide for nonprofits of all sizes. The matrix model allows for the most efficient...
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Stig Rasmussen

Are you ready for the first significant change in nonprofit financial reporting in 20 years? – Implementing New FASB ASU 2016-14

This is your opportunity to get an overview of the new Financial Accounting Standards Board reporting requirements for nonprofit organizations. Discuss the specific changes to various financial reporting requirements required...
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Erik Glaser

Maximizing Partnerships for Sustainability

Explore different scenarios for partnership development by viewing examples of this nonprofit’s work with a large medical institution, a community collaborative, and a local non-profit. At the end of the...
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Radia Heyward
Katie McCabe
Vicky Ingalls